SLA Re@ct

SLA Re@ct On-site

Clients who choose this solution enjoy special advantages. Thanks to regular on-site appointments, we can ensure that your IT systems are professionally maintained at all times. Disruptions are recognised early and fixed proactively and with priorisation.

SLA Re@ct On-site advantages

  • Fixed appointments for business clients
  • Periodic maintenance work on your infrastructure
  • Updating of your applications and systems
  • Professional support from certified employees

SLA Re@ct On-site is available to clients with an Apple environment.

SLA Re@ct On-site sample price, advertising agency:

  • Hardware 12 MacOS systems / 4 iOS systems / VoIP system / Internet access
  • Software Adobe CC 2016 / Microsoft Office 2011 & 2016 / mail server / security application
  • A certified iLötscher employee provides four hours of support each month for your IT environment

Monthly price CHF 330.00 plus VAT

1 NAS system SLA Re@ct 4 Problem-solving within four hours:
Monthly price CHF 130.00 plus VAT

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SLA Re@ct Remote

Priority remote maintenance IT support. Certified iLötscher employees fix your IT disruptions without delay.

SLA Re@ct Remote functionality

1. Disruption notification sent to the iLötscher helpdesk (mobile or SMS/Skype: iLötscher Helpdesk)
2. Installation of the free remote software via the iLötscher website
3. Access data provided by your employees
4. Disruption analysis by our employees
5. Disruption fixed by our employees
6. Reporting and billing by our employees
7. SLA Re@ct Remote is available to business clients with an Apple environment.

SLA Re@ct Remote prices:

The prices for SLA Re@ct Remote depend on the number of Apple devices

Here are our prices:

MacOS client 15 min. CHF 40.00
iOS client 15 min. CHF 40.00
Mac server 15 min. CHF 60.00

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