01 Credo

iLötscher values open and authentic communication.

It is important to us to have a respectful relationship with our employees, clients and partners that is characterised by trust. In the case of discrepancies or conflict situations in particular, we prefer to address problems directly – which also enables us to solve them with your interests in mind.

iLötscher is synonymous with professional collaboration on an equal footing.

We are convinced that positive collaboration is the most productive. Collaboration on an equal footing creates satisfaction and delivers far more than the work results alone.

02 Why choose iLötscher?

There is a solution for every IT problem. We are convinced that this is true and so at iLötscher we treat every IT problem individually and with great care. Precise analyses and personal contact allow us to develop client-optimised IT systems. We would like you to experience optimum support on all levels. This means that expert knowledge is just as important to us as friendly, individualised treatment. No matter in which areas you require help — iLötscher is your contact partner for all eventualities. Feel free to contact us to arrange a non-binding and free consultancy session.

03 People

Nadeesh Lötscher, CEO

The computer's rapid technological development has influenced my professional career. I worked as a computer administrator in schools for several years and spent three years as a Business Manager at Apple Switzerland. I started my own business in 2011. The computer should always serve people and be a means of communication since our day-to-day business in companies and schools is no longer conceivable without modern technology.

  • 05/2012 informatik lötscher

    Foundation and establishment of the company

    Client acquisition and administration
Support of EDU and SME clients

  • 02/2011–01/2012 Ingeno Solutions AG

    IT Consultant Establishment & management of IT Purchasing

    Client Consultancy & Acquisition, IT Project Support

  • 04/2009–10/2011 Apple Retail Switzerland

    Business Manager Shop Bahnhofstrasse Zurich
Establishment and support of the business team

    Planning business events
Consultancy and sales

04 History

2016 — informatik lötscher reinvents itself. Renaming as iLötscher. New Internet presence as of December 1, 2016.

2015 — informatik lötscher moves house. On 1 October 2015, we move to new office premises in Zurich's Wipkingen district.

2014 — informatik lötscher develops the product SLA Re@ct.

2013 — informatik lötscher moves house. As of 1 September 2014, our headquarters are in Traugottstrasse on Escher Wyss square in Zurich.

2012 — informatik lötscher opens a branch in Basel as of 1 May.

2011 — informatik lötscher is founded in the spring of 2011. In October, we move to offices in the converted Binz factory building in Zurich.

  • 2016

  • 2014

  • 2010

05 Locations

iLötscher has two locations. Our headquarters are in Lehenstrasse in Zurich. We have a subsidiary in Burgfelderstrasse in Basel where our team member Claudia Geisser oversees our projects on-site.

06 References

Here are some references from our client base.


Proinnova AGiLötscher solutions:
iLötscher Consultancy / Analysis / Conception,
iLötscher Cloud Backup,
SLA Re@ct on Site

Mister Matthias Hasler,

Thanks to iLötscher, we were able to renew and optimize our IT infrastructure.

We are convinced by the professional workings of iLötscher!

Mister Matthias Hasler

Skop GmbHiLötscher solutions:
On-site and remote support,
Cloud backup

Mr Zimmerli,

Thanks to the excellent support from iLötscher, we can easily keep our IT infrastructure current. We value the strong expertise and swift reaction times when disruptions occur.


MPS FinanceiLötscher solutions:
Project and infrastructure planning,
On-site and remote support,
Cloud backup

Mr Schwarz,
Owner of MPS Finance

I suffered data loss in 2014. iLötscher’s expertise and speedy support helped me rescue all the data. iLötscher is also very helpful for external data backups and installing new Apple devices.


Farstar Medical GmbHiLötscher solutions:
Project and infrastructure planning,
SLA Re@ct Remote,
Cloud backup

Mr Schwarz,
Managing Director Switzerland

iLötscher created the mobile business solution for Farstar Medical. I found iLötscher to be a knowledgeable, imaginative and competent partner. Support is highly effective.


four. Werbeagentur AGiLötscher solutions:
SLA Re@ct On-site,
SLA Re@ct Remote,
Cloud backup

Mr Hansen,

We make use of comprehensive services which are needed for the communication specialist’s daily work. four. places special value on prompt problem solving, secure data storage and planning an IT infrastructure which can grow with requirements. All these are tasks which iLötscher completes to four.’s entire satisfaction.

Prime Communications AGiLötscher solutions:
Consultancy and analysis,
Conception and realisation

Mr Paredes,
Executive Management member

iLötscher supported us in updating and modernising our IT infrastructure. We appreciate how it gets things done quickly.

07 Webinars

Would you like to get to know our products? We are happy to invite you to a webinar where we can introduce you to our solutions and products. You can choose from the following webinars:

1. Overview of our product portfolio
Consultancy, analysis, conception, support; 60 minutes in length

2. Our Cloud Backup product explained briefly
Functionality and areas of use; 30 minutes in length

3. Our products SLA Re@ct Remote and SLA Re@ct On-site
Functionality and areas of use; duration 30 minutes

Contact us directly to make an appointment for our webinars!

Before we can prepare the webinar, you need to download our iLötscher webinar application onto your computer.