Our Solutions

01 Consultancy

Good collaboration always starts with a detailed discussion. We are happy to discuss your ideas and requirements for your IT infrastructure. Based on our many years of experience with diverse technologies, we are able to place our extensive knowledge entirely at your company’s service.

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02 Analysis

iLötscher Analysis is a product that we have tailored precisely to our new clients’ needs. We use iLötscher Analysis for all of our new clients and projects. It enables us to ensure that your technical prerequisites are met. In addition, any disruptions to the existing infrastructure are eliminated.

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03 Conception

We develop a tailor-made IT concept for you that takes all of your requirements into account as well as incorporates all of the work processes relating to the IT infrastructure. Our solution proposal naturally plans for expandability of your IT at a later date. Our IT concepts contribute to the future sustainability of your company.

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04 Training

The creation or improvement of an IT infrastructure only makes sense if it is also used efficiently. To ensure this, we create training concepts for your employees and IT teams. The iLötscher training concepts form the basis for the professional and efficient use of your new IT environment. Our training and educational projects are tailored to your needs.

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05 Support

A professional IT infrastructure requires expert support if urgent problems arise during normal operations. We offer two solution variants to meet this need: Inquiries at short notice or regular support.

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06 Integration Backoffice CRM

We are happy to work out the integration of CRM for your company.
Our goal is to digitize your backoffice workflow in order to provide you with
a professional and cost-saving way of working.
With pleasure we work on your trend-setting solution with wich you can
the invoicing up to the bookkeeping of a company adapted to your company
work process is realized.

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07 Cloud Backup

iLötscher Cloud Backup offers your company excellent value and a secure solution for saving your data. The data is always encrypted before being transferred, making it inaccessible to third parties. Once the data reaches our data centre, it is secured.

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08 SLA Re@ct

SLA Re@ct is our offer for clients who are highly dependent on their IT infrastructure and therefore require the best professional support. SLA Re@ct is adapted precisely to the individual needs of the client. The following factors are given particular consideration:
– Maximum downtime
– Complexity of the IT infrastructure
– Network security
There are two different SLA Re@ct models that you can choose from depending on your specific requirements.

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09 Tools iLötscher

Here is an overview of the tools we use on a daily basis. We have grouped them in the following categories: MacOS, performance tests, security, data transfer, monitoring, protection and networks.

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