Cloud Backup


We install the latest software on one of the client’s computers (OSX, Windows or Linux), which automatically saves new or changed data immediately or at defined times. The Cloud Backup software has an easy-to-understand control panel for restoring the data. This means that the latest saved version or even an older version of a file can be restored at any time.

Your advantages:

  • You define how long changed or deleted files are saved on the server.
  • The data is saved on a server with RAID systems and high data availability.
  • Before being transferred, the data is encrypted on the client’s device and compressed.
  • Following its transfer to the backup centre, the data is encrypted and saved.
  • The compression rate is 30-50 percent and depends on the nature of the data.
  • The data is decrypted only once it has been restored on your computer.
  • The Cloud Backup server checks the consistency of the data files at regular intervals.
  • Your data can be accessed via the Internet at all times.

Physical security of the backup centre:

  • Redundant emergency electricity systems with diesel generators and batteries.
  • Redundant air conditioning.
  • Gas fire-extinguishing system.
  • Permanent video monitoring.
  • Virtualised infrastructure which ensures continued operation in case of hardware failure.
  • Communication protection with server services via official TSL certificates from Digicert.
  • The data is located on RAID systems: high data availability with redundant hardware components.
  • The data is saved locally on an ongoing basis, archived and also stored decentrally daily.
  • The backup server checks the consistency of all backup data every seven days.
  • All servers are protected by a hardware firewall.
  • All server services are monitored.

Environmental protection

  • Operated with electricity from environmentally-friendly hydroelectric power

System prerequisites

In general
All systems require 250 MB of memory on a hard drive, a dual GHz processor, 2 GB of working memory and a 1024×768 display.

Cloud Backup client
Current OS/Mac/Linux/Windows, at least 50 MB upstream Internet connection

Cloud Backup server
Current OS/Mac/Linux/Windows, at least 50 MB upstream Internet connection

Cloud Backup NAS
Current OS/current Java version/Intel 64-bit processor, 50 MB upstream Internet connection

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