Inquiries at short notice

During the normal course of work, computer problems must be fixed efficiently and promptly. Your employees can contact us at any time via phone, SMS, email or Skype. We will then work with you to activate support software for remote maintenance. We locate the disruption via the Internet and can usually fix it immediately. If this cost- and time-optimised action is not successful, we will set up an on-site appointment as quickly as possible.

Please observe that we are currently offering a reduced number of appointments.

Contact us directly for country-wide appointments. We would be happy to provide you with an offer!

Regular support

In consultation with the client, we agree a reasonable time interval for maintaining and updating the systems of the existing IT infrastructure. Two options for billing exist:

– with no flat-rate and based on support costs incurred
– in line with the Service Level Agreement with guaranteed fixed response times

See SLA solutions

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